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Feb 25, 2022

What is art? Everyone has a view of what art is. It's an important conversation to have as there is no right or wrong. Art is different to everyone and each person will have a different view of what art should be. 
Don't get derailed by what other people's opinions are, and hone in on what art is to you. You are...

Feb 18, 2022

In this episode, I chat about the topic of talent being something that is taught or whether it is innate.

Have you ever questioned whether you have talent? Maybe you have admired others who effortlessly make art and think 'they were born with that talent, it's not possible for me?'.

I have views on this topic and I...

Feb 11, 2022

Sharon shares behind the scenes of how she has secured the biggest art show of her life and how she's preparing for it.

The collect show is taking place between 24th-28th February and Collect in London.

Feb 4, 2022

Join me and my special guest, Nicholas Wilton, as we talk about how to get unstuck in your art making and how to make powerful art. Hint: you can keep taking art courses, but if you don't learn the foundations of art you will always struggle.

We discuss:

The feeling of comparison and not being as good as others.
How to...