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May 21, 2021

I realised this week (well a long time ago) that I am addicted to my phone. It got me really thinking about where my time is going, I mean really going.
Every time I think about using my phone I am not in the present moment. Every time I reach for my phone is a moment I can be working on something else. Add all that time up and there we are talking hours of precious time.
Here are my top tips for moving away from the addiction and using social media in a good way; a healthy and positive way.
Here are the top tips for getting going:
  • Spend the week tracking your time. Use Toggl, notebook, anything. it's a pain but very insightful.
  • Find alternative ways to de-stress - carry a sketchbook, read a book.
  • When you are in consume mode 'taking courses' or learning from others, limit this to 3 people at a time. Filter the noise.