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Apr 29, 2022

I went away over Easter and I didn't want to come home. I wasn't sure why, other than that I was having a great time and normal life didn't seem that appealing.

I then realised that it was the silent to-do list that is weighing me down. The to-do list we are not conscious of. Everything in our home 'speaks' to us in some way.

For example, the plant that is saying 'water me', the wallpaper that is falling off that is saying 'the house looks awful’ and ‘you still haven't fixed this yet’ (which leads to a bigger fear that maybe you have expensive damp to sort), the list goes on.

The point is, the silent to-do list might be weighing you down more than you realise. You can listen to this week’s Motivational Monday episode to hear my top 3 ways of dealing with this. 

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