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Apr 13, 2022

When it comes to the art making process, it is important to realise that you can make art in your own way. However you like. Whatever you like. It is your decision. It’s your art. You don’t have to fit a mould.


When you know this and start to accept it, as simple as it sounds, the art making process can become a lot simpler for you. Tell yourself that you are the captain of your own ship. I can make art in my own way! 

When you want to put your art out into the world for it to be seen and engaged by others on some level or another, for it to make an impact, this is where you’ll start to hear the word consistency. Here is where it becomes more elusive and you start to ask yourself, do I need to create on style of art?

This is the question I will been talking about this weeks episode. 

We also have our Kickstart Your Art challenge coming up in May. 

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