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Nov 16, 2022

All platforms can work and make people a living.
All platforms have pro's and cons'.
When starting it's vital you enjoy using the platform. Make a shortlist of platforms you have come across and experiment with them.
  2. Are your people using this platform?? Or, what kind of people are?? For example. Ebay attract people who are looking for a bargain and buying what they can get for the cheapest.
  3. Once you have trialled a few, choose just one for 90 days and learn everything you can about that platform. Most platforms have free tutorials. Build momentum on one platform and learn by doing.
Once you focus on one, you learn what you like and don't like. You learn how to use the platform to your advantage. You learn how to become noticed.
Most people don't have success on a platform as they don't understand how to use it.
For example, with Etsy, once you start learning how to use it you quickly discover you can't rely on sales to come flooding in, you have to drive people to your Etsy store and put in some leg work - you pretty much have to do this on most platforms, which is why dedicating the time to one and REALLY learning it pays off.

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