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May 23, 2022

Join me as I unveil a step by step process Sharon Griffin and I wrote to help you make powerful art. Sharon has been an artist her whole life and her art career is booming. 6 years ago we wrote a course called MAKE YOUR MARK to help people at all stages of ability who have:
  • No idea where to start
  • Been making for years but are tired of copying images
  • Too many ideas and constantly play but feel like they're not getting anywhere
  • Established careers but yearning to make something else - but don't have time
The 6 part process covered in Make your Mark is:
  • Research - sounds boring but this is about stopping and noticing.  Noticing what makes you curious, what is in front of you but you can't see?
  • Materials and Techniques - Using a starting point from what you notice around you, how can you use different media to express this. This is play time.
  • Formal elements - again, sounds so serious but these are the foundations on making art.  This is what Sharon goes back to every time she improves and strengthens her art.  You might know what the formal elements are, you can Google them.
  • Colour - do you need colour?? We notice contrast before we notice colour, but colour is a powerful tool.  Playing with different colour options and seeing what happens when you change them is powerful.
  • Select and Reject - this is all about learning the right questions to ask yourself during the art making process.  If you are not following this step, you are missing a huge opportunity to learn from every artwork you make.
  • Finally - round this up into an outcome, this might be a finished work, a collection, a sketchbook of ideas.
The course starts on 3rd June and runs for 7 weeks. On the 30th May we will be releasing daily prompts on social media to help you start the MAKE YOUR MARK process.